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AMMO Encyclopedia of Figures Modelling Techniques Vol. 3 – Modelling, Genres and Special Techniques

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by Ammo of MIG AMIG6223
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In this final volume of the Encyclopedia of Figures, we will explore the last key aspects that must be considered in the art of miniature painting. Starting with assembly and modelling techniques, which will allow us not only to assemble our figures correctly, but also to make improvements and conversions to customize stock figures and adapt them to our personal needs.

In the chapter dedicated to Special techniques the secrets of painting three fundamental elements in the world of figures, flesh tones, metal and leather, are explained in great detail. Then, the chapter dedicated to Genres and Categories focuses on two special painting subjects that attract many fans: figures for wargames figures or tabletop games, and flat figures. The last and final chapter of the book is dedicated to bases and groundwork onto which place our figures, something that is essential for many painters and that, without a doubt, greatly increases the attractive of the finished pieces.