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AMMO Illustrated Weathering Guide to WWII Late War German Vehicles

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by Ammo of MIG AMIG6015
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One of the main problems for novice modellers and even many experienced hobbyists when facing the painting and weathering process is choosing not only the right effects they have to apply to each specific vehicle, but also the correct order of application. After many years of experience researching and developing painting products and techniques, Mig Jiménez has designed this Illustrated Guide to clear up all confusion and doubts about some of the most popular camouflage patterns and applications. These schemes and colours generate the most doubt among AFV modellers. We are talking of course, about late WWII German camouflage.

The innovative format consisting of large colour prints will allow you to understand the painting and weathering process in a very clear and simple way, as well as the proper order of application of the different effects and techniques used for each camouflage pattern. Thanks to this unique presentation, you will be able to see how the appearance of the vehicle changes with the application of each step and how each step effects the next step and the final result. Next to each colour profile, you will find a detailed description of each effect applied, the techniques required to make them, and the most accurate and easy to use products for each step. This illustrated guide is not a book about painting theory; it is a practical manual which will allow you to do one of the steps shown each day, allowing you to see how the finish of your model unfolds as your painting and weathering skills improve. 

This illustrated guide is the essential solution for all modellers who want to hone their skills and techniques used for painting and weathering late war WWII German AFV camouflages.  Don't just read the book, improve your skill level and confidence by building your kit, choosing a camouflage scheme, and getting ready to paint!