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AMMO Heavy Mud - Dry light soil

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by Ammo of MIG AMIG1700
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Enamel soil product to mimic the thick mud accumulations found on vehicles and machinery ready to be applied to your model. This product contains a special very realistic and uneven texture that can be workeduntil dry. No color changes occur when dry and it is durable and resistant to handling, making it ideally suitable for players of Wargames. This mud is high density and is very compact, the modeler can use it to create large accumulations on your tank, truck or excavator. Each color and texture can be mixed together and you may even add other natural elements such as branches, leaves or dirt and rocks to make even more amazing effects. As these products are enamel, they can be diluted with A.MIG-2018 Odorless Thinner to easily create streaking effects or very smooth transitions. Dries slowly and can be retouched during the drying process to achieve different textures and effects. For the most realistic effects, lighter colors are matte and the darkest are glossy and bright to mimic effects unobtainable with mixtures of mud plaster made with moisture or other products. It is the most advanced and realistic for this innovative purpose available today. Other existing products of fine arts origins are acrylic resin mixed with an unrealistic and oversized texture, this innovative new solution has been designed specifically for realistic effects with the scale modeler in mind.